Quality Dry Basements

The problem with a Lifetime Warranty is in the fine print. If you look closely you’ll see that these “Dry Basement” or “Waterproof” systems don’t really protect you at all.

Read the fine print and you realize that they’re not guaranteed to prevent water and moisture problems. Instead, they’re filled with fine print details that only guarantee the materials.

You’ll see that they don’t prevent water from damaging your home, or rotting your dry wall. Most “warranties” primarily work to protect the waterproofer from liability.

Our Warranty Covers Every Single Imaginable Problem For 2 Ownerships… Theirs Covers Practically Nothing
(After All The Legal Mumbo-Jumbo)

Want To Find Out The Best Way To Keep Your Basement Dry? Call Quality Dry Basements For A Quote.

We will evaluate places where water can enter your basement or crawl space, including:

  • Wall joints
  • Cracks in the floor
  • Cracks in the wall
  • Mortar joints
  • Around the bulkhead
  • Windows
  • Moisture “sweating” through walls

When We Come To Your Home We Will Provide All That You Need To Make An Informed Decision. Here’s What You Can Expect From Quality Dry  Basements:

  • First: A Thorough Assessment To Identify What Is Causing The Problem
  • Second: A “Plain-English” Written Report Identifying The Solution To Your Problem
  • Third: A “To The Penny” Price That Identifies Exactly What You Can Expect To Pay For the Solution We Propose.
  • Fourth (and Last): The Assurance Of The Best Written Warranty in The Industry – A Warranty That Reaches Far Beyond Covering The Materials, And Covers Your Home As Well.
  • The only thing we don’t cover is air condensation.
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