Contractor Standards Guide

Have You Tried To Keep Your Wet Basement Dry?

The most common “fixes” for a wet basement are either temporary “band-aid” fixes or they simply don’t work at all.

Contractor Standards Guide Waterproof paint: water breaks this material down and gets trapped in walls/foundation. The pressure of the water is too great, and the paint will eventually break down and allow water to come in.
sump_pump Sump Pump: If they’re out in the open and exposed, then they’re ugly, and they can be downright dangerous. And they don’t fix the problem: water still runs across the floor to the pump, and your basement is still wet.
downspout_extenders Landscaping and downspout extenders: these simply make the water have to travel a bit further to get into your basement.
exterior_french_drain Exterior French drains: flat out too expensive. It’s a great solution for new home construction, but installing French drains on an existing home can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Download our Contractor’s Standards Guide here (pdf)