Sump Pump

A Good Sump Pump Is Your Final Line Of Defense Against Indoor Flooding

Basement flooding is most often caused by water build up in the soil that makes its way into your basement. A sump pump is a last defense against flooding because it pumps out water from the lowest section of the basement before the water level reaches the basement floor level.

As groundwater level rises it is diverted into the sump hole. The sump pump will automatically respond when it reaches a certain level so your basement does not flood.

Why Is A Sump Pump So Important To Solving My Web Basement Problem?

A sump pump is an electrical pump installed in a home’s basement to pump water either outside or into the home’s drainage pipe system. They usually work in combination with a sump well or sealed sump crock pit which collects the water before discharging it to a chosen location. It is critical that the sump pump always work to avoid flooding and overflowing the sump pit. Many pumps come with a battery backup power supply that will pump out the house for an extended period of time in case the primary power system fails.

An important consideration in installing only a sump well or pit and sump pump, without any perimeter drainage, in your crawl space or basement is whether you can live with any water on the floor. You will have to push excess water into the sump pump well when necessary without a drainage system and all items, especially electrical appliances, should be up off the floor on blocks and out of harm’s way.

Our professionals evaluate:

  • The amount of water you generally get in the basement when it rains.
  • Overall length and height of the discharge line.
  • Optimum discharge location(s) so water will not run back against the foundation.

These factors and whether the pump will be used with a perimeter drainage system will determine the proper type and size of the sump pump for your home’s protection.