Wet Basement Solutions

Solve The Problems With Your Wet Basement Once And For All

When Other Waterproofing Systems Fail,
Quality Dry Basements’ Stay Dry – And We Guarantee It In Writing.

Your Problems With That Musty, Wet Basement STOP HERE.

Common Problems

What Every Homeowner Should Know Before Fixing Leaky, Wet Basements

What Problems Are You Trying to Solve?

Dreary, Damp Basement
“The floor is always damp and water pools when it rains.”
Wet Basement Solutions





Water Leaks Around Ground-Level Windows
“Water drips down our walls whenever it rains. We worry that water might be causing mold or damage inside the walls.”








Water In the Walls
“Our paint bubbles and peels more every year.  We don’t know how to stop the water from getting into our walls.”






Mold and Mildew In the Basement
“We can’t get rid of the mold and mildew because it’s always so damp and wet in our basement. We can’t get fresh air, and it’s a safety hazard.”