Quality Dry Basements is a leading provider of basement waterproofing solutions in Connecticut.

We install the correct equipment based on proven research, and back up our work with a lifetime warranty. Whether you have a flooded basement, wet basement, or leaky basement or crawl space, we analyze your situation and derive the correct solution for you and ensure your space is dry and livable.

Quality Dry Basements Solves These Common Homeowner Problems:

Damp basement - When it rains the floor becomes wet and water pools

Water leaks around ground-level windows

Water gets in walls, paint bubbled and peels

Mold and mildew in the basement

We Offer the Best Basement Waterproofing Systems in the Industry and Back our Work with a Lifetime Warranty

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What you can expect from Quality Dry Basements:

A thorough assessment to identify what is causing the problem.

A clearly written report identifying the solution to your problem.

A "to the penny" price estimate that identifies exactly what you can expect to pay for the basement waterproofing solution we propose.

An assurance of the best written warranty in the industry – a warranty that reaches far beyond covering the materials, and covers your home as well.

“With over 5″ of rain from Hurricane Elsa the drain system in the basement was put to the test and worked. We had a steady stream of water coming in at the well pipes and along about 6′ of the left rear wall… The water went into the drain system…there was NO water on the center of the basement floor. And nothing running across the floor… The drain system is a success.”

Anne D.

Guilford, CT

“We had a great experience… The (new) owner and the workers were all careful, respectful and excellent in their work. Tom, the owner, was very patient detailing all the installation details and how to maintain the system moving forward. Very highly recommended and very reasonable price as well.”

Costas A.

New Haven, CT

“…Tom and the team worked efficiently and completed the work on time, leaving the area clean. During the work, an additional problem was discovered which Tom was able to resolve within the already agreed terms. Overall very happy with what was done and will gladly recommend their work.”

Plamen E.

Fairfield, CT

“Tom was very responsive, thorough, helpful and professional. He and his staff/crew did a great job. The cost was reasonable for the job and he did very timely follow up and communicated throughout the entire process.”

Teren B.

Ridgefield, CT

“We had an emerging issue with some water seepage in our basement and Tom came to take a look and offer some suggestions.  The work was done on time (one day) and on budget and very professionally.”

John F.

New Canaan, CT